Zephyr Health adds more analytics to its Illuminate software platform


‘Relationship Analytics’ uses prescriber data to map affiliations and interests

Zephyr Health (San Francisco) is one of a handful of IT companies, focused on life sciences, employing cloud-based “Big Data” techniques to ferret out relationships among key opinion leaders (KOLs) and their affiliations with health systems, professional organizations and related social and professional data. Now, the company is announcing an update and expansion to its Illuminate platform, called Relationship Analytics, that more closely defines those relationships.

According to the company, Relationship Analytics includes these capabilities:

•Account Referral Potential - measure and compare account referral potential by treatment experience, geographic proximity and volume of historical referrals from the physician

•Peer Referral Potential - easily identify top referring providers based upon shared patient data, therapy-specific relationships and historical referrals

•Co-authorship Potential - understand a provider’s publication network and identify shared interests and common research with co-authors or co-investigators

•Speaker Program Potential - identify high potential attendees or speakers based upon shared interests, shared patients, similar event attendance patterns, and common research or publication relationships

The analytics are based on pooling disparate data from (the company says) thousands of data sources and such techniques as machine learning and predictive analytics. Earlier this year, it announced a partnership with DRG to inform prescriber profiles with formulary data of the health plans the prescribers work with—and to generate alerts to sales reps when a formulary change might mean a change in prescriber practices. Altogether, the company labels this capability as “insights as a service.”

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