Pharmaceutical Commerce - March/April 2011

Manufacturers have yet to capitalize on access to physicians via electronic health record (EHR) systems--but that may so

April 29, 2011

PDR Network plans to incorporate sponsored services like co-pay cards or dosage calculators in the information available to prescribers via EHR interfaces

Oral arguments favor industry in Supreme Court data-mining case

April 29, 2011

IMS Health, SDI and Wolters Kluwer make a First Amendment argument for access to physicians’ prescribing information

US bio/pharma market reaches $307.4B in 2010, up a slim 2.3%, says IMS Health

April 25, 2011

Generics claim 78% of market; prescriptions dispensed up slightly, but doctor visits decline

FDA Opened 72 New Counterfeit Cases in 2010--a New Record

April 23, 2011

Caseload reinforces concerns over illegal trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals

UDP Gains Prominence in Improving Medication Adherence

April 23, 2011

UDP proponents have solid data that demonstrate that this form of packaging maintains better compliance with treatment regimens

With a Few Stumbles, REMS Begins to Hit Its Stride

April 22, 2011

Nearly 200 drugs now carry requirements for a risk management program, as FDA evaluates the initial follow-up reporting from manufacturers

Pharma 2020: Supplying the Future

April 22, 2011

Redesigning supply chains could change the shape of bio/pharma

REMS Drives Manufacturer-Specialty Pharmacy Relationships

April 22, 2011

Specialty pharmacies are competing to position themselves as the best partners for manufacturers dealing with high-touch, high-risk products

Cold Chain Regulation Tightens Globally

April 22, 2011

The recent PDA Cold Chain conference highlighted increased regulatory scrutiny of shipping processes, even while logistics capacity and technology expand

Healthcare Exchange Bids for Prototyping a Track-and-Trace System

April 22, 2011

GHX, a major player in med-surg supply management for healthcare providers, looks to extend its e-commerce platform to handling pharma e-pedigrees

Oncology Networks Offer Distribution Alternatives

April 22, 2011

The recent acquisition of US Oncology by McKesson highlights the rising importance of the distributor-led networks

White House marshals multi-agency effort to combat opioid drug abuse

April 21, 2011

Program will seek new legislation while coordinating manufacturing, healthcare-provider and enforcement resources

Exel wins Bristol-Myers Squibb's 3PL services contract

April 08, 2011

Logistics provider will purchase BMS’ Mount Vernon, IN facility and build additional capacity in PA

Forecasting Returns When Patents Expire

April 08, 2011

Overestimating product reserves as loss of exclusivity (LoE) approaches can be a $75-million mistake

Reacting to the iPad Buzz

April 08, 2011

Industry is falling in love with the Apple iPad. Is it the right move for your company?

Bringing order to the outsourced manufacturing space

April 07, 2011

New market-research service hopes to quantify trends in outsourced CMOs, CROs and related services

IDC Health Insights sounds an alarm on the progress of compliance with aggregate-spend laws

April 06, 2011

National law won’t stop states from devising their own rules, complicating the IT and compliance task for pharma companies

KV Pharmaceutical retreats on pricing for Makena, a newly approved formulation of hydroxyprogesterone

April 05, 2011

Healthcare community rebellion brings together compounding pharmacists, FDA and the Orphan Drug Act, and the March of Dimes

Wood and plastic pallet makers tussle over safety, environmental friendliness

April 04, 2011

Latest J&J McNeil recall again implicates wood pallets

Archway acquires CSI to build out PDMA marketing fulfillment services

April 04, 2011

Parent will adapt its national network of 21 facilities to providing sample distribution and marketing services for pharma

Limited adverse-event reports can be relevant to investors, says Supreme Court

March 24, 2011

Court rules against Zicam maker’s claims of non-materiality

FDA opened 72 new counterfeit cases in 2010--a new record

March 22, 2011

Caseload reinforces concerns over illegal trade and distribution of pharmaceuticals

White House gets serious about counterfeit pharmaceuticals

March 19, 2011

Intellectual property coordinator assembles enforcement agencies, proposes legislation on Homeland Security to focus on supply chain threats

HDMA honors Cardinal Health's Neal Warren, ValueCentric at annual conference

March 18, 2011

ValueCentric cited for Safe & Secure Supply Chain IT service