Pharmaceutical Commerce - October 2009

GAO criticizes FDA's management of postmarketing commitments for drug efficacy

October 30, 2009

FDA counters that the PMC program balances drug efficacy study with patient need

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche Lead on Environmental Sustainability Scoring

October 29, 2009

Annual surveys rank public companies by environmental, social criteria

IT vendor offers a package for compliance with DEA monitoring requirements

October 29, 2009

Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOMLink) tracks ordering history with statistical analysis of baseline activity

Comparative Effectiveness with the Gloves Off

October 28, 2009

The desire to compare drugs’ efficacy is shifting from a purely medical decision to a financial one

New effort on collaboration over product serialization

October 28, 2009 will try to build industry consensus on pharma security, traceability

A small victory for Pharma in EU parallel trade war

October 15, 2009

European Court of Justice affirms a lower-court decision in a case dating to 1998

Regenerative medicine coalition gets organized

October 15, 2009

Though stem cells and other regenerative medicine techniques hold enormous promise, they also face an equally large set of obstacles, ranging from research funding to reimbursement

Systech Expands Functionality of its Serialized Product Tracking Application

October 11, 2009

With new serialization-software release, Systech promotes ‘near-line’ applications

Flu Season Promises to Put a Spotlight on Vaccine Distribution

October 11, 2009

CDC is depending on a new distribution process for ‘the largest vaccine distribution in history’

NACDS Annual Profile Tracks Declining Number of Stores

October 11, 2009

At 28% pharmaceutical sales, chain pharmacy still represents the single largest channel for delivering prescriptions to patients

Training Executives for Marketing Compliance

October 11, 2009

Conventional training of sales forces is being complemented by executive-level training for corporate compliance

The Logistics of a Successful Product Launch

October 10, 2009

A collaborative working relationship gives launch day a better chance at success

Oversight of Internet protocols passes from US government hands

October 01, 2009

ICANN asserts independence from worldwide governments

Latest online 'Brandjacking Index' finds illicit pharmaceutical trade on the rise

October 01, 2009

MarkMonitor sees 23% growth in offshore business exchanges for bulk pharmaceuticals and APIs