IT vendor offers a package for compliance with DEA monitoring requirements

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Pharmaceutical Commerce, Pharmaceutical Commerce - October 2009,

Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOMLink) tracks ordering history with statistical analysis of baseline activity

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) turned their screws on several major wholesalers last year for failing to properly monitor “suspicious orders”—those that, by their frequency, size or source indicate that abuse of controlled substances might be going on. Under DEA rules (21 CFR Part 1301.74b), manufacturers and distributors must carry out some level of monitoring. For that purpose, SOMLink, from e-SupplyLink (Traverse City, MI), maintains a database of client ordering history, and then flags suspicious orders, which are supposed to be held up until a manual check is completed. The package includes a variety of statistical analytical tools to identify out-of-the ordinary ordering patterns, according to Ronald McCreery, sales manager.


The SOMLink package runs on a Windows operating system, and can be linked, via XML, to a client’s ERP system, warehouse management system (WMS) or EDI-based financial reporting systems, according ot the company. E-SupplyLInk has a decade’s experience as a developer of EDI transaction software, shipping-label generation and order fulfillment; its flagship product is called ComplyLink.