Access Insights 2023: Bill Roth Talks 2024 Being the Year of "Who Moved my Prescription"


Blue Fin Group exec speaks on his upcoming feature.

In an interview with Pharmaceutical Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Bill Roth, SVP, Managing Partner, Blue Fin Group, elaborates what it means for 2024 being the year of "Who Moved my Prescription."

Roth: This last year, I did "Fight for the Dollar." I think what comes out of it is that the research and the thinking around it, not every product launches the same way or in the same channel. The old way to think about it was to stick it in wholesale and let retail just naturally pull it through. When you step back on it, we have a lot of clients reporting that patients aren't able to get their branded prescriptions anymore. We've on this kick for about 18 months, and it's to the point where national chains are now saying that they may not be able to accept prescriptions for this product. We've never heard that from pharmacies before. When you have the legacy channels out there that are saying they may not be able to service it, new e-commerce digital channels that are coming up, you have patients going in a lot of different directions. The days of walking your prescription to a pharmacy and waiting for them to fill it are over. When you compare the convenience of what's available through digital commerce to where pharmacy is right now, it's a big divide. The movement to cash away from insurance may be the future of pharmacy. It's going to be very confusing for the patient because it's very different from what it was 10-15 years ago.

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