Almac Group Grows Northern Ireland HQ, Welcomes New Facilities


The CDMO’s multi-million-dollar expansion project features commercial manufacturing suites and peptide manufacturing plants.

Image Credit: Almac Group

Image Credit: Almac Group

In order to meet demand for commercial manufacturing, packaging, and peptide production services, the Almac Group, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), has completed the construction of two new purpose-built facilities at its headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland.

The expansion project—a multi-million-dollar endeavor—features significant growth for two of the company’s business units, Almac Pharma Services and Almac Sciences.

The first project revolves around a 32,000 square-foot Almac Pharma Services facility that will house new large-scale manufacturing suites. These are expected to boost commercial manufacturing and packaging of sachet drug product presentations. The company’s QC laboratory testing capabilities will also be expanded.

As for the second project, a 28,000 square-foot good manufacturing practice (GMP) facility will reportedly more than double Almac Sciences’ peptide active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing capacity.

“… Our new peptide API manufacturing facility will significantly grow our portfolio of client APIs and is the latest stage of a wider development and manufacturing expansion initiative for Almac Sciences,” said Graeme McBurney, Almac Group’s COO. “The business has also recently opened a new technology development center, installed additional small molecule API GMP reactors, and opened a dedicated chemical warehouse.

“In the drug product service arm of our business, Almac Pharma Services is adding to its large-scale commercial manufacturing and packaging capabilities in response to growing demand for tailored solutions to meet clients' market growth needs. This allows us to support our clients throughout a drug’s lifespan, from early development through to commercialization.”


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