Autoinjector labels serve marketing, safety, educational and documentation goals


Schreiner MediPharm develops wrap-around labels for Sweden's SHL Medical

The labeling on drug packaging usually starts out as a simple identifier, but now, for autoinjectors and pen injectors (which are often used by patients themselves), it is possible to meet numerous other business or compliance objective. That is some of the thinking that has gone into demonstration projects for SHL Medical (Nacka Strand, Sweden), part of the SHL Group in that country. SHL collaborated with Schreiner MediPharm (US HQ in Blauvelt, NY) to develop multifunction labels that provide educational and compliance goals to the drug sponsor, as well as a platform for attractive branding. With these types of drug-delivery mechanisms—geared toward patients self-injecting, and carrying them with themselves during the day—the package becomes almost an article of personal adornment.

The injectors shown are SHL’s DAI and Molly devices, which are customized to the drug’s delivery requirements. The Schreiner labels feature an anti-slip varnish to improve gripping, a detachable label part for documentation purposes, and both a hologram (a product security feature) and a QR code that can be connected to additional online information. “The specialty labels make customized branding possible and thus emphasize the manufacturers’ brand presentation. Thanks to integrated features the label adds further value,” said Gene Dul, President of Schreiner MediPharm U.S., in a press statement.

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