Bosch Packaging’s new identity is Syntegon Technology GmbH


Company has a broad line of traceability-enabled packaging machinery

The spinout of Bosch Packaging Technology from its Bosch parent—announced in 2018—is now complete. The new company is Syntegon Technologies, owned by a private equity firm, CVC Capital Partners, and enters the world with 6,100 employees in 15 countries, and €1.3 billion in 2019 sales. Headquarters is in Waiblingen, Germany.

bosch-syntegon traceability

Bosch Packaging had been serving the food and life sciences industries for more than 50 years. Currently, it offers a broad slate of packaging machines and technology designed for the industry’s traceability mandates, including serialization, aggregation, tamper evidence and data management. The company’s announcement says that it will be emphasizing sustainability in packaging, with reduced use of multilayer films, more use of paper, and higher energy efficiency in its machinery designs.

“We are building on 150 years of experience and the 64,000 machines deployed by our customers, and pursuing new avenues of business,” stated Stefan König, chairman. “Now, more than ever before, we are working on intelligent and sustainable technologies and embracing the collaboration with our business partners in the true spirit of partnership.”

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