BrightInsight Enhances Digital Health Platform Solution


Configurable applications address patient and healthcare-provider interfaces, and an analytics dashboard

It is the contention of BrightInsight, a San Jose, CA software firm, that biopharma and med-device companies seeking to develop digital health applications to wrap around their commercial products are ill-suited to the task: teams of software developers are needed to design and build the applications, including interfacing with a wide and growing variety of third-party software tools, wearable devices or monitors, all while ensuring reliable data collection and analysis, and meeting the complex strictures of (for example) FDA’s Sofware as a Medical Device (SaMD) regulations. By offering its BrightInsight Platform, a Google Cloud-based system—prebuilt with compliant reliability, privacy and interfacing capabilities, followed by easy-to-use configuration for specific medical applications—the company promises a streamlined pathway to successful digital-health resources.

Now, at this week’s international BIO meeting (San Diego, June 13-16), BrightInsight has introduced the Disease Management Solution to further tailor its platform to user needs. This solution, says Kal Patel, CEO, provides Patient App tools to communicate and engage with patients; a Healthcare Provider Interface with a clinician portal, integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems and patient-provider communication, and Analytics Dashboards to enable data scientists at biopharma and medtech companies to better understand the dynamics of drugs and devices in the real world.

“Our clients are building regulated patient apps that support the patient care journey, including therapy administration guidance and tracking, ongoing disease monitoring, medication reminders, and communication with healthcare providers,“ he says.

Existing clients include Novo Nordisk for diabetes management, Roche for a dosing calculator for hemophila-A treatment, and CSL Behring and UCB, both for rare disease management. At Sanofi, another BrightInsight client, global leader Brad Gescheider says that “The data collected through these efforts will also help power more personalized therapies, deliver beyond-the-pill service offerings, and potentially extend the patent life of our most valuable brands.”

Patel notes that as numerous therapeutic areas become more crowded with commercialized drugs and devices, the digital health tools that the manufacturers will provide become a more crucial differentiator among those offerings. Via digital health tools, better adherence to therapy, leading to better outcomes, will result.

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