Carbogen Amcis Opens France Manufacturing Facility


Saint-Beauzire complex dedicated to sterile liquid drug production.

Carbogen Amcis, an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturer, has officially opened a new facility in Saint-Beauzire, France. Built for the development and production of sterile injectable drug products, this 102,200 square-foot plant is expected to increase manufacturing capacity for liquid and freeze-dried products for pre-clinical and clinical trials, as well as small-scale commercial use.

The site contains two production lines dedicated to highly potent compounds and advanced therapies—including antibody drug conjugates—allowing for an increase in customer access. These aforementioned features come at a time when securing fill-finish capacity has been no simple task in the pharma sector.

“Over the last six years, Carbogen Amcis has continued to expand our facilities and grow our capacity, enabling us to support more customers and increase access to new and diverse technologies and services,” says Pascal Villemagne, CEO of Carbogen Amcis. The company executive also notes that the new plant helps toward increasing the rollout of new treatments for patients.

Read more about the new facility here.

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