Cardinal Health tightens its relationship with Vineti, CGT software provider


Chain of identity, chain of custody are high priorities for autologous therapies

Having invested in software developer Vineti, Cardinal Health has now announced a collaboration to link its data collection tools with Cardinal’s commercial services, including third-party logistics (3PL), order-to-cash management and patient support (through its Sonexus hub service). Additional tie-ins include Cardinal Nuclear Health and Precision Health businesses.

“Cell and gene therapies have the most complex supply chain of any pharmaceutical product. As we work with manufacturers to bring these innovative therapies to market, the importance of coordination and control at each step cannot be overstated,” said Joel Wayment, VP of Cardinal Health 3PL. “Working collaboratively, we expect to develop the critical rails to help biopharma companies ensure that patients can access these advanced therapies.”

Tracking CGT therapies is most important for autologous treatments, which involve extracting cells from the patient, conveying them to where they are genetically or otherwise manipulated, and then returning them to the patient for infusion. The process can involve multiple sites, and multiple manufacturing steps. An additional factor is that the manufacturer is obligated to track patient outcomes for months if not years.

Cardinal Health participated in a $35-million Series C investment round of Vineti at the beginning of this year. Vineti says that it is involved in “hundreds” of projects globally including both autologous and allogeneic programs.

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