Cegedim Dendrite Tailors Software for Medical Science Liaisons

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Pharmaceutical Commerce, Pharmaceutical Commerce - January/February 2009,

The key opinion leader/MSL relationship is the target

By partnering with the customer relationship-management firm Skila (Morris Plains, NJ) Cegedim Dendrite has created a solution set for medical science liaisons (MSLs), to be called Mobile Intelligence Medical & KOL Management. “The solution addresses a practice that is fragmented,” says Drew Bustos, a senior director at Cegedim Dendrite. “A lot of companies are using disparate systems rather than one cohesive solution based on their medical teams and the needs of their key customers.”


The solution will allow medical directors and MSLs to perform their daily activities through a central point, with access to meeting preparation tools, interaction management capabilities, and real-time outcomes reporting, according Cegedim Dendrite. Cross-organization information sharing, a centralized scientific repository, and compliance with regulatory guidelines are additional features.

Bustos says that product management collaborated with life sciences companies for 18 months to understand the MSL job function. “This tool is specifically for the MSLs,” he says. “A lot of their work is performed manually, and some of the tools they use are as basic as Microsoft Excel.” PC