Cold Jet, Biocair Join Pharma.Aero Logistics Platform

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Network aims to improve end-to-end supply chain visibility for the life sciences industry.

Cold Jet, aprovider of high capacity, quality on-site dry ice manufacturing equipment and Biocair, a good distribution practice (GDP) logistics specialist, are the latest additions to the cross-industry collaboration platform of over 50 life science and medtech stakeholders, known as Pharma.Aero.

Essentially, says Pharma.Aero, it serves as a link that provides the safe transportation of medicine, cures, and vaccines from manufacturing plants to patients. Other than aforementioned life science and medtech manufacturers, its network also features certified cargo firms, airport operators, and logistics specialists, with the mission of collaborating on projects that focus on end-to-end supply chain visibility.


"The continuous pace of member growth underlines the need for the neutral and collaborative platform Pharma.Aero represents, to monitor, discuss and eventually solve the challenges the industry faces in relation to life science logistics,” comments Frank Van Gelder, Pharma.Aero’s secretary general.