Combine logistics temperature control with weather-based risk management


Q Products partners with RiskPulse, a meteorological forecaster

Q Products (Chicago), one of the leading US providers of thermal blanketing solutions for life sciences cold-chain shipments, is partnering with a meteorological risk-management firm, Riskpulse (Austin, TX) , to provide more-predictable supply chain activity based on weather. The pairing might be more relevant to food distribution or other high-volume industries where the combination of temperature requirements, geographic distribution and weather can create higher risks; on the other hand, life sciences manufacturers deal with daily shipments, distribution channels and weather events as well, either in commercial distribution or as part of a manufacturing network.

Riskpulse offers two information services: Aurora, for managing risk associated with heat, cold and extreme weather up to 40 days in advance; and Sunrise, a “situational awareness” service for global supply chains based on weather. Shippers are capable of visualizing risk-by-route for up to 10 days in advance, thus reducing manual analytical processes and adjusting transportation decisions. For its part, Q Products provides package, pallet and container blanketing solutions, for both refrigerated or controlled room-temperature (CRT) conditions for life sciences shipments. It also partners with TP3 Global, a UK-based blanketing provider.

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