FedEx Custom Critical deepens investment in Temp-Assure service

Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - July/August 2010

Ground-based transportation vehicles will standardize onboard temperature monitors and recorders for cold chain services

FedEx Custom Critical (Uniontown, OH) is known for its shipping solutions for expedited deliveries with enhanced services, such as temperature-controlled cargo, specialized security or handling. (Business units within the FedEx subsidiary include Surface Expedite, Air Expedite and White Glove Services.) Now, in a bid to provide a flexible range of specified services, the subsidiary is standardizing its temperature monitoring capabilities and requalifying its vehicles. “Our customers have told us they need a service somewhere between a basic temperature-control truck and a fully validated service,” said Virginia Albanese, president and CEO of FedEx Custom Critical. “The upgrades we are making to our Temp-Assure service will provide a cost-effective solution to fill that need.”

Those upgrades consist of installing hardwired temperature probes in four locations within each vehicle’s cargo bay, as well as a datalogger to provide a record of the temperatures maintained during a shipment. The company is also “implementing standard operating procedures to proactively address temperature deviations during transit of all Temp-Assure shipments,” it said in a statment. Until now, customers had the option of using a temperature-controlled vehicle and, if they desired, providing for their own temperature monitoring, or using Custom Critical’s Validated Temp-Assure service, a higher service level. All of Custom Critical’s vehicles are expected to be equipped with the monitors and dataloggers by year-end.

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