First Commercial Shipment Using Releye RAP Container


Envirotainer (Stockholm, Sweden) has reported the completion of the first commercial shipment using the new Releye® RAP container.

According to the company, the Releye® RAP “sets a new benchmark for temperature-controlled, five-pallet solutions... Designed to meet the strictest requirements in pharmaceutical air freight, the integrated live monitoring enables a unique insight into product condition, location, and progress of the shipment.”

The shipment started in Basel, Switzerland, landing at JFK airport, New York, and consisted of three Releye RAP units and two RAP e2 units. The shipper was a global acting Swiss pharmaceutical company, and the transportation “went according to plan.”

Integrated live monitoring meant the shipment was checked “in every detail through the whole journey.” Further, the Control Tower service saw a global team of operators ready to respond within minutes to any critical event, should one have occurred.

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