Genentech, Lifelink Systems form patience experience partnership

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Collaboration centers around providing assistance to multiple links in the clinical trial chain, from participants to providers

Lifelink Systems, a digital technology provider, has formed a strategic collaboration with Genentech to provide various conversational tech solutions that will support a broad range of patient experience initiatives at the biotech company. Specifically, Lifelink will be providing Genentech with a platform to power smart digital assistants to assist clinical trial participants, patients, caregivers, and providers to receive personalized assistance and support related to clinical research programs and approved therapies.

“We see an immense opportunity to use conversational AI [artificial intelligence] to shift the dialogue between pharmaceutical companies and their customers to something that is consumer-friendly and accessible,” says Greg Johnsen, CEO at Lifelink Systems. “Smart digital assistants that use language to interact with people on their mobile devices is the path forward.”

Conversational AI leverages the native SMS and browser interfaces with automated, language-based messaging, making it simple for every user to interact. Conversational solutions can be designed to support a wide range of workflows, such as processes like study awareness, satisfaction surveys, FAQs, adherence and patient reported outcomes.


Lifelink adds that its technology has configurations that are designed to support clinical trial programs and medical information desks—this includes digital navigators that will reach out to potential clinical trial participants through their mobile devices, regardless of location, to learn about trial participation, collect transportation preferences, navigate consent, and assess satisfaction.