German firms combine for smart pharma packaging


Schreiner MediPharm and Edelmann Group develop a demo version

Combining labeling and product-security technology from Schreiner MediPharm with folding box capabilities of Edelmann Group, a smart “pharma packaging of the future” is being showcased by the two firms. Smart packaging, according to the firms, “builds a digital bridge between manufacturers, distributors and patients by opening new platforms of communication between them.”

The demo version (see photo) features BitSecure copy detection technology from Schreiner, comprising a small random pattern (on the label or the carton), invisible to the naked eye, that can be verified with a smartphone app or handheld reader. Additionally, the carton flap includes a seal with integrated NFC RFID chip, which meets EU anti-tampering regulation and additional product security. The NFC chip also enables interactive applications for patient information and assistance.

Schreiner operates manufacturing facilities in Germany, the US and China, while Edelmann provides cartoning, labeling and insert production in 20 locations globally.

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