Howell Marketing Services streamlines signature process for physician sampling


S.A.M. (Sample Accountability Manager) documents physician acknowledgments

A key part of delivering pharmaceutical samples to physicians (whether through online systems or by a face-to-face interaction with a sales rep) is gathering the required physician’s signature—the “dreaded ‘acknowledgement of content’ record,” as James Stepkoski, national sales manager at Howell Marketing Services, a sample-distribution services company, puts it.

To this end, HMS S.A.M., a web app (usable on Android and IOS devices) has been created by the company. The tool is quick and easy to implement, and can be offered to the physician for a quick acknowledgement. Stepkoski says that the app can communicate with the salesforce automation tools commonly used by sales reps. Howell also maintains its own internal ordering system (for online sample requests from physicians), and data from both sources are easily delivered to the compliance departments of pharma clients.

"Our customers are focused on maximizing their pharmaceutical sales reps’ productivity," said Katherine Roehlke, president and CEO of F. M. Howell & Co. "We realize that our customers need a product to help their reps close AOCs. It not only assists with compliance, but streamlines the process.”

Howell will have the app on display at the upcoming Sharing Conference (Baltimore, Oct. 22-24), organized by the PDMA Alliance.

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