IntegriChain launches advanced analytics to improve forecasting and accrual processes


Service provides finance and market access teams a consistent way to visualize, extract and integrate data into existing workflows

IntegriChain, a Philadelphia-based data and managed services company, has introduced GTN Analytics, a service for life sciences manufacturers to improve visibility to the market access datasets that power the accuracy of accruals and forecasting processes, delivers best practices reports and metrics, and offers visualizations of gross-to-net, or GTN, trends.

The new service is complementary to IntegriChain’s GTN Accruals and GTN Forecasts services that integrate financial data with channel and patient data, including national demand, third-party logistics, specialty pharmacy, specialty distribution and rebate data. “Business strategy in life sciences is often stymied because of the inability to connect the impact of channel, contracting, and pricing decisions on net profitability and demand realization,” said Josh Halpern, IntegriChain co-founder and EVP of product and strategy.

According to the company, GTN Analytics improves accuracy and predictability of accruals and forecasts through the following key components:

  • Data on demand reduces the risk of gross-to-net accrual mistakes and improves overall contract decision making by providing finance and market access teams a consistent way to visualize, extract and integrate data into existing workflows. It allows analytics to quickly access self-service data, including ad hoc analysis, pre-built reports and dashboards, on-demand data exports, and an application programming interface for business intelligence tools.
  • GTN Reporting allows manufacturers to evaluate key gross-to-net metrics and trends with web-based data visualization and analysis tools. Visualizations align with industry best practices, including product profit and loss statements as well as actual and forecast variance analysis, and provide insights into the effectiveness of contract decision making using datasets from across traditional silos.

GTN Analytics is available to all current IntegriChain GTN customers and demos are being scheduled for other interested parties.

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