Introducing UnitVisID: An RFID Consortium Rebrand


Alliance revolves around interoperability of pharma products as they move through the supply chain

Originally known as DoseIDConsortium, a membership-driven industry alliance advancing radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in pharmaceuticals, the group has now officially rebranded to UnitVisID Alliance. The name change reflects the organization’s commitment and mission to ensure the quality, performance, and interoperability of RFID-tagged pharma products as they move through the supply chain, from manufacturing to patient use.

With advancements in technology and innovation, RFID-tagged pharmaceutical products in the healthcare industry present opportunities to improve inventory management, and, better patient outcomes. Currently, UnitVisID is used by more than 1,000+ hospitals and healthcare organizations, and more than 210 million RFID-tagged products utilizing the UnitVisID platform have been scanned, which the consortium says is more than any other RFID system in the US healthcare space.

UnitVisID Alliance members include Avery Dennison Corporation, Baxter, CCL Healthcare, George Schmitt & Co., Hikma, Identiv, Impinj, Intelligent Label Solutions, International Medical Industries, Inc., Kit Check, MPI Label Systems, Nephron, Omnicell, Sandoz, SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems, Schreiner MediPharm, and Tageos.

“We've realized the many benefits of RFID in healthcare, and its massive adoption is a testament that we are now at a tipping point,” comments Tim Kress-Spatz, president of UnitVisID Alliance, who was previously featured on The Pharmaceutical Commerce Podcast. “The rebrand reflects this change, and to really tackle the challenges of shortages, recalls, workflow inefficiencies, and lack of interoperability, it requires a whole of industry approach from the entire healthcare supply chain.”

Read more about the rebrand here.

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