IQVIA extends Orchestrated Customer Engagement to regulated content


Addition to its OCE platform enables collaboration between clients, agencies, sales ops

With omnichannel communications being the preferred approach for connections between pharma sales and marketing workers and healthcare providers (HCPs), it makes sense to include the creation, review and dissemination of that information in pharma customer relationship management (CRM). Now, as an extension of OCE announced late last year, IQVIA is adding regulated-content management to its Commercial Solutions ecosystem. Called ePromo, the cloud-based solution enables a documented, collaborative environment for content creation, approval, dissemination and withdrawal, on an enterprise-wide, global basis.

ePromo can be a standalone solution, says Suresh Kannan, GM of content management at IQVIA, but is designed to be a plug-and-play component of OCE. This enables the regulated content to be managed as part of the overall customer engagement process. “What content is created; who sees that content both before and after any approvals, and how well content resonates with HCPs—all this can be managed within ePromo,” says Kannan. “The solution is flexible to handle diverse content such as tweets, emails, documents or video files.”

ePromo is intended to be a standards-based, open system, making it easier to integrate with other IT solutions that might be at creative agencies, internal review groups, or external IT services providers involved in dissemination and tracking of regulated content. Rather than competing with ad agencies or IT service providers to enable such functionality, Kannan sees ePromo as a collaborative tool that will benefit those agencies and providers.

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