IQVIA productizes its Ada machine intelligence in orchestrated salesforce management


More complex sales cycles, combined with more digitization of the sales process, calls for better engagement tools

In 2017, IQVIA announced its Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE), a new salesforce-automation solution to manage the pharma sales process. The emphasis then was on being able to coordinate multiple parties—sales reps, medical science liaisons, marketing services and more—to streamline the process and achieve better results.

At the time, an in-house technology called Ada machine learning was mentioned as an available resource to the process. Now, that resource, along with OCE itself, has been productized as OCE Optimizer.

According to IQVIA, OCE Optimizer leverages IQVIA’s Ada machine learning algorithms to draw intelligent insights from varied information sources, including healthcare organization affiliations, call reports and access changes. With a detailed and current profile of every HCP, commercial teams then use OCE Optimizer to make on-demand course corrections to field alignments, segments and targets, and omnichannel engagement plans using visual tools and what-if scenarios for complex territory alignments.

“What is truly exciting about Optimizer is the potential it has to consolidate and simplify complicated commercial activities like re-aligning territories and products, customer segmentation and generating engagement plans,” says Manish Goel, VP and GM, customer engagement. “Ada helps power the intelligence in OCE Optimizer to assess and optimize the alignments, identify new targets/segments and adapt multi-channel engagement plans in near real time to quickly respond to the changing business environment.”

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