KnippeRx expands its patient support services in Indiana


Emphasis is on speed to therapy

KnippeRx, a specialty pharmacy, was opened by J. Knipper & Co., the leading provider of pharmaceutical samples, in 2017, as an extension of its distribution and logistics capabilities in getting newly diagnosed patients on therapy. Now, the company is expanding its footprint in the Charlestown, IN, area, tripling the number of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that provide highly personalized patient access, adherence, and clinical support services, according to the company.

Knipper has a relatively new national distribution center in Charlestown, covering over 300,000 sq.ft.; the new Patient Support Center is in nearby Jeffersonville, IN.

Patient support and hub services, sponsored by pharma and provided by companies like KnippeRx, are either outright specialty pharmacies (as is the case with KnippeRx) or consulting organizations with staffs of care coordinators and reimbursement specialists; many of the latter maintain closed-door pharmacies to manage their drug-dispensing operations. With KnippeRx, the emphasis seems to be on speed to therapy: “KnippeRx has been designed to provide all of the unique services that the manufacturer needs to more effectively manage the specialty supply and fulfillment chain and to quickly and efficiently get those therapies to the patients who need them,” said Michael Laferrera, president and COO of KnippeRx.

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