Kythera Labs forms AI partnership


Collaboration to focus on merging data with machine learning to make healthcare content more accessible

Kythera Labs, an information technology company that focuses on the healthcare industry, has struck a collaboration arrangement with Databricks, a data and artificial intelligence (AI) company that recently received Series G funding of $1 billion for adopting its Lakehouse platform. Kythera Labs is Databricks’ first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner for health systems.

Wayfinder, Kythera Lab’s cloud-based data science platform, is built on Databricks' and focuses on speeding up the understanding of healthcare and life sciences by merging data with machine learning to make content more accessible. It is able to fix, improve and add new dimensions to healthcare data, resulting in improved insights, according to Kythera.

The platform is supported by mastered directories, trained with data from more than 310 million US patients for 40% more complete patient journey records compared to other providers, the company contends.

Databricks’ Lakehouse platform helps organizations accelerate innovation by unifying data teams with an open, scalable platform for all their data-driven use cases.

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