Latest round of UPS Healthcare Logistics expansions announced


1.3-million sq. ft to be added in the US and Europe

Following a round of expansions announced in 2019 totaling 1 million sq. ft. UPS Healthcare Logistics is now adding an additional 1.3 million sq. ft. The most prominent elements are a new facility in Shanghai, expansions in California facilities, and a new GMP warehouse and GDP transportation hub in Midlands, UK.

The latter facility is part of the company’s Polar Speed subsidiary, which provides direct-to-patient pharmacy services to 20,000 patients, in addition to conventional distribution activities.

In the US, UPS will be building out new cold-chain capacity, including a 46,000-sq. ft. refrigerated space (2-8°C) and a 5,700-sq. ft. cryogenic space at its Louisville, KY Worldport.

No completion date was announced for the expansions. UPS global capacity is now approaching 10 million sq. ft.

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