LogiPharma Europe 2024: Will Robinson Talks Planning LogiPharma


In an interview with Pharma Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Will Robinson, Commercial Director, LogiPharma, discusses the process of keeping the event relevant to the times.

PC: Could you describe the planning process behind LogiPharma Europe and what was involved?

Robinson: It's pretty much a yearly process for me now. As of next week, I will be looking at next year's 25th anniversary event. That begins with 12 to 16 weeks of just pure research. I have a really good advisory board, and they're fantastic. They're predominately from the pharma producers, we've got a few med tech producers in there, but also, the likes of DHL and PWC. I'll speak to them, and they're really generous with their time. They'll initially start steering me. In fact, I had a meeting with the board this afternoon. That's where I'll start, and then I'll build out. This year for example, I had close to 200 conversations with the producers, service providers, third-party logistics providers, temperature control, and software folks. So it's not just the VPs of supply chain, though I'm lucky enough to speak to them as well. I'll try and cover all of the bases and provide good quality. That's before the agenda's written, before anything's been put into terms on what we're going to do next year. By summer, I've got a pretty good understanding of the key theme. We start fresh. We don't bring any bias from the previous years, we don't assume because X,Y, and Z was popular last year, we should go for it again. But by June or July, I have a good understanding of where the industry is at and what kind of things should be discussed.

So, I start writing an agenda based on all of that research into a document. Then I use that as a basis to start issuing invitations. If something specific within the way that clinical is moving into commercial, and the two are converging in that kind of value chain transformation, it's coming up a lot. Then, I'll go out into the industry and start chatting with people to understand what producers are doing within that space. I'll get recommendations, and I'll try to get in touch with those people to get them involved.

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