LogiPharma USA 2023: Jenifer Smith Discusses the Focus of Her Fireside Chat 'Establishing Goals for Active Conflict Zones'


Jenifer Smith talks about what to expect during breakout session.

In an interview at LogiPharma USA 2023 with Pharma Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Jenifer Smith, Sr. Logistics Specialist, Direct Relief, speaks on her upcoming fireside chat.

Smith: I'm currently doing a case study on product in Ukraine. Direct relief has delivered countless shipments and there are a lot of challenges delivering into a conflict zone. I have been with Direct Relief for six years and the majority of the difficult shipments to the regions I've gone into are difficult because of natural disasters or lack of infrastructure. Ukraine is one of the first war zone areas that I've had to ship into. It's a whole different ballgame. During the war, hospitals are being targeted, clinics are being targeted. So, there's a whole level of risk that's inherent with moving temperature sensitive product into a war zone.

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