LogiPharma USA 2023: Jenifer Smith Discusses What Men and Women Can Do to Continue Fostering Growth and Development


Jenifer Smith provides suggestions on what can be done to continue growth and development.

In an interview at LogiPharma USA 2023 with Pharma Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Jenifer Smith, Sr. Logistics Specialist, Direct Relief, offers her thoughts on what men and women can do to foster growth and development.

Smith: One of the things someone brought up in our initial discussion was the likability dilemma, which I hadn't really heard about. I was listening to readings on it last night and it's the idea that women who have leadership qualities, the same that men have, are viewed as less likable. A man doing those same things with those same qualities are viewed as likable. So, that's one of those things that you might not realize, why someone bothers you. You're in a meeting presenting ideas and it bothers you. What is it about this person that isn't sitting well with me and is it you don't imagine a person of that gender having those qualities? Another thing that I think is important is meeting room interruptions. We had a training at our work several months ago where there was a study women interrupt other women more in meetings than men interrupt women. We all need to make sure that everybody's voices are getting heard. What can we do to elevate the voice of somebody being interrupted?

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