LogiPharma USA 2023: Tracy Nasarenko Discusses Final Thoughts and More GS1 US


Tracy Nasarenko offers her final thoughts on DSCSA implementation guidelines at LogiPharma USA 2023.

In an interview at LogiPharma USA 2023 with Pharma Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Tracy Nasarenko, Sr. Director of Community Engagement for Pharmaceuticals, GS1 offers additional thoughts on DSCSA implementation guidelines.

Nasarenko: A big thing that we're working on now is updating our FAQ. As the industry learns from the data, it brings up more questions. We're constantly updating our resources. We're also working on exceptions, such as handling which I know is a big concern in the industry. What do you do when a dispenser finds a concealed case that is missing a bottle? You need to fix that issue all the way up to the manufacturer. As a group, we're working through what the possibilities are. This is what we're seeing, there's a lot of variations in solutions providers.

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