LogiPharma USA 2023: Tracy Nasarenko Discusses Steps Pharma Supply Should Take to Adapt to New DSCSA Laws


GS1 US Executive provides insight on how pharma supply can speed up the process of complying with regulations.

In an interview at LogiPharma USA 2023 with Pharma Commerce Editor Nicholas Saraceno, Tracy Nasarenko, Sr. Director of Community Engagement for Pharmaceuticals, GS1 US provides steps to be taken by the pharmaceutical industry to quickly implement new DSCSA rules.

Nasarenko: It's really not stopping, pausing, or slowing down at all. You can't work on exceptions if you exchange data. You can't do onboarding downstream if your suppliers haven't already onboarded. There's this huge dependency on progressing to be able to do the next steps. If we really get into implement, troubleshoot, and mature, you need that exchange of data. You need to have it completely in place to really be able to realize what your errors are. What are going to be those issues that you didn't think of? Being able to use that year to work it out so that you're not impacting the patient or the consumer with drug shortages so you can still move that supply chain.

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