Marken adds to global depot network; Cryoport opens a new HQ


Expanding capacities and a wider range of geographies aid life sciences developers

Resources for managing temperature-controlled shipping of clinical trial materials, products and services are multiplying. A fully owned depot for both clinical and commercial storage, distribution and clinical trial services has been completed in Russia by Marken (RTP, NC). The facility is near the Sheremetyevo airport. “Russia continues to be an important global clinical trial center, with the number of Phase III clinical trials in third-quarter 2015 growing at 14% and with 203 new clinical trials approved to start in Russia in the same quarter,” says Wes Wheeler, CEO. “With this in mind, we decided to expand our presence in this important country.”

Meanwhile, Cryoport Inc. has moved its headquarters from Lake Forest to Irvine, CA while more than doubling, with 27,600 sq ft of space, its former capacity for managing packaging and shipment of cryogenically frozen tissues, clinical trial materials and related life sciences products. Cryoport pioneered the development of a dewar (walled container) for preserving samples in liquid nitrogen; the dewars hold temperature for up to 10 days while a logistics process from one location to another is managed. The company has growing business in stem cell research, regenerative medicine, in vitro fertilization and other research areas; most recently, it won a contract with QPS Hepatic Biosciences to support the latter’s cryopreserved hepatocytes (liver cells) business in the US and EU.

"As cellular therapies unfold into trials and commercialization, we are seeing greater client demand and a rapid uptake of our advanced logistics solutions" said Jerrell Shelton, CEO, in a statement. "Our new facility is integral to supporting the increasing volume and client activity we are experiencing and for which we are planning."

Last month, Marken opened an operational hub in the Boston area; that location brings the company’s total of global locations to 43. Besides its “patient-centric supply chain” focus, as the company characterizes itself, Marken also provides biological kit production, ancillary material sourcing, storage and distribution, shipment lane qualifications, as well as GDP, regulatory and compliance consultancy services.

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