Marken formally opens new clinical-distribution service depot in Buenos Aires

Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - November/December 2011

Plans to continue expanding in Europe, Asia and Americas

Marken (London; US HQ in New York) has opened a purpose-built, GMP-compliant facility in Argentina to handle the 1,200 clinical trials it is currently providing services for in Latin America, and as a platform for future growth in the region; another facility was opened previously in Mexico City. The new facility includes a full range of temperature controlled storage (ambient, refrigerated and frozen); a secure area for controlled substances; and pick&pack, relabeling, reverse logistics; and specimen kit distribution and storage.

Marken’s distribution network handles 6,000 clinical trials globally, according to the company, and is emphasizing its access to “treatment naïve” geographies around the world. Although the current emphasis is on clinical trials support, the company is also building capabilities for handling commercial distribution and logistics, especially for biologic products. Temperature-controlled shipping options the company provides for APIs and finished goods include Envirotainer containers and unit-load devices (ULDs); Luftansa UniCooler ULDs, and containers from Acutemp, Minnesota Thermal Science, Kryotrans and Laminar Medica.

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