MDCalc Launches New Commercial Division


Company brings aboard former Pfizer exec as life sciences COO in effort to help further improve patient outcomes.

Telemedicine concept,Hand holding smartphone Medical Doctor online communicating the patient on VR medical interface with Internet consultation technology. Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/greenbutterfly

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/greenbutterfly

MDCalc, an online and mobile app medical reference for healthcare professionals (HCPs), has launched a new commercial division and expanded its channels to help accomplish its goal of improving patient outcomes. The company has appointed Swarna Chatterjee as its first ever CCO of life sciences to oversee and scale this new initiative.

A clinically trained pharmacist, Chatterjee was at Pfizer and Doximity for over two decades, where he led business through sales, marketing, product development, strategic planning, and revenue management.

“Trust amongst clinicians is central to our mission. For nearly 20 years, MDCalc has been an essential part of the clinician's workflow,” says Chatterjee. “ … This level of adoption and established trust has created an exciting opportunity to deliver a new type of marketing integration that may be extremely useful to clinicians. By meeting them where they are on MDCalc at any given moment, I am confident that this strategic approach will make a meaningful difference in patient lives and provider satisfaction.” 

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