MilliporeSigma to Offer Fully Integrated mRNA Services

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CTDMO is reportedly the first to provide this aforementioned service, which spans through commercialization.


According to MilliporeSigma, a life science business of Merck, the company is the first CTDMO (contract testing, development, and manufacturing organization) to offer integrated services for all stages of mRNA development, manufacturing, and commercialization, including products and testing. The company opened two new good manufacturing practice (GMP)-grade mRNA drug substance manufacturing sites in Darmstadt and Hamburg, Germany.

The new sites are part of the company's ongoing $1.1 billion investment to advance mRNA technologies and build its global mRNA network and capabilities, as well as through acquisitions such as AmpTec and Exelead. The $30 million investment into the new GMP mRNA drug substance manufacturing sites at Darmstadt and Hamburg adds 75 new jobs, providing clients mRNA services at all scales and applications from pre-clinical to commercial. This includes analytical development and biosafety testing specifically designed for mRNA technologies.