New York City, Los Angeles Will Now Offer Amazon Pharmacy Same-Day Delivery


The new option will help patients receive life-saving medications at an even quicker rate.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/

Amazon Pharmacy—riding the momentum of the news that Eli Lilly’s weight loss drug Zepbound can now be ordered via its platform—has debuted its same-day delivery service for prescription medications in both New York City and greater Los Angeles, joining the likes of Austin, Indianapolis, Miami, Phoenix, and Seattle.1,2 Meanwhile, those in College Station, TX are receiving meds in less than an hour via drone delivery.

Many may be wondering how this is doable. Amazon Pharmacy has elected to use what its calling “small-format” facilities, which contain medications for the most common acute conditions, including one in Brooklyn, which carries more than 12,000 meds. Having these on-site allows for the pharmacist to fill prescriptions at a much quicker rate, but it also eliminates extended wait times for patients who are in dire need of certain medications.

The technology behind these capabilities is a combination of generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, which reportedly helps reduce administrated errors.

“AI doesn’t replace the role of the pharmacist; it allows them to operate at the top of their license,” said Kelvin Downes, Amazon Pharmacy’s director of fulfillment, who also noted that prescriptions must still be verified by a physical pharmacist before leaving a fulfillment center. “Rather than doing duplicative work, pharmacists can use the skills they went to school for to deliver better patient experiences.”

The mode of delivery will depend on the environment. While those in College Station are receiving drone deliveries, Manhattan will most likely utilize e-bikes, while Los Angeles could potentially see the use of electric vans in an effort to promote sustainability.

And at the end of the day, all roads lead back to making sure patients receive their meds in a timely manner.

“By bringing Amazon Pharmacy’s deliveries into our existing world-class logistics network, Amazon is building the fastest and most convenient service for the home delivery of prescription medications,” noted Doug Herrington, CEO of Worldwide Amazon Stores. “These faster delivery speeds will be a game changer when you or your family need your medications quickly.”


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