Overhaul Launches Cargo Security Software

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Product reportedly offers enhanced pharma supply chain visibility and risk analysis.

Overhaul, supply chain visibility and risk management software company, has launched its Intelligence as a Service offering. With three levels of actionable insights right down to an individual shipment in transit, the company notes that Intelligence as a Service provides timely, accurate cargo security intelligence to protect cargo—including for the pharma industry— and stay ahead of threats. The product offers everything from weekly intelligence notes and bulletins to local crime risk assessments and law enforcement response.


"Intelligence as a Service is offering wider visibility into global patterns and pinpoint visibility into company-specific risks," says Joe Ryan, VP of intelligence and response at Overhaul. "This makes it easier for companies to understand the risks involved in where they're shipping, as well as how they're shipping. They can then take actions to mitigate risks involving driver noncompliance, dangerous routes, or whatever else they may see."

Overhaul's intelligence isn’t only used for handling risk—it can also keep customers compliant with government programs such as Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO).