P360 Builds Out New Artificial Intelligence-Powered Platform


EdenHelp is expected to provide HCPs and patients with real-time access to Rx drug and medical device information.

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Peshkova.com

Image Credit: Adobe Stock Images/Peshkova.com

P360, a software company that specializes in business technology development and implementation for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, has introduced EdenHelp. This generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered information platform allows pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences companies to be able to instantly share responses and product information with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients in real-time.

During a time in which one must be conscientious of protecting patient data, the platform has been built on a private large language model (LLM), helping to keep that both confidential and secure.

“We are excited to introduce EdenHelp, our intuitive new platform for life sciences companies that want to seamlessly share information about prescription drugs or medical devices with healthcare professionals and patients,” says Anupam Nandwana, P360’s CEO and co-founder. “By streamlining access to vital details about products and their use, companies are taking a giant leap forward in improving their customer experience.”

Another advantage of the platform, the provider notes, is its flexibility. The platform can integrate with various workflows, including medical information requests (MIR), sample requests, signature capture, and scheduling. As a result, HCPs and patients will be able to more effortlessly communicate with these life sciences companies, offering a more streamlined experience that can increase customer satisfaction and save time. 


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