PAP 2024: Monique French Discusses Effective Ways to Engage Patients, Caregivers, and Advocacy Groups


In an interview with Pharma Commerce Associate Editor Don Tracy, Monique French, MPH, Senior Director, Patient Advocacy, Health Policy & Communications, Rx4Good provides insight on engaging multiple healthcare groups.

PC: In your opinion, what are the most effective ways to engage patients, caregivers, advocacy groups?

French: I think the best way to engage patient advocacy organizations and patients is to have them around the table. I think a lot of times you have to have insight panels. Also think about patient advisory boards to gain trust with the community and provide information to them in a timely manner. Patients have a natural urge to learn and want to know more about the disease that they are currently facing. Engaging them in the beginning instead of the end is the best way to go. Don't wait until the product or the thought is already done, do it in the beginning of development.

PC: How would you describe Rx4good’s mission statement?

French: We are focused on making sure that we empower companies to deliver on their promise to put patients first. So, we really look at different ways that we help different companies engage with patients and their insights, so that we can help make sure the patient's voice is heard.

PC: How has your experience as Director of Patient Advocacy at Eli Lilly and Company better prepared you for your duties at Rx4good?

French: Being able to be in a role at a pharmaceutical company, you understand a lot of the ropes and situations that they go through, being able to counsel pharmaceutical companies and other organizations. My background is not just limited to pharmaceutical, but nonprofit healthcare system and state government. With all of that wealth of experience, I'm able to work with our clients one on one, because nine times out of 10, I know those organizations. That allows me to deliver a very specialized client service.

PC: What innovative concepts from Access USA are you hoping to bring back to your team?

French: I think there's a lot of conversation going on around engaging patients and thinking about policy measures and changes. One thing I want to go back and talk to my team more about is health disparity, health equity, and how we're showing up there, and also looking at policies and what we can do to better educate our clients around policies as well.

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