ParkourSC Expands Digital Supply Chain Operations Platform


Supply chain technology solutions company ParkourSC (San Jose, CA) has announced the expansion of its digital supply chain operations platform by delivering intelligent digital twins specifically designed for real-time supply chain operations across the extended enterprise.

“Current market volatilities ratchet up the pressure on lean supply chains to remove barriers and improve resiliency,” said ParkourSC CEO Mahesh Veerina. “Our real-time supply chain operations platform enables companies to digitize their supply chains, embed intelligence, automate workflows, and optimize operations to increase revenue, reduce operating costs and improve profits.”

ParkourSC designed its digital supply chain platform to help manufacturers address these challenges by moving beyond supply chain visibility to establish real-time digital supply chain operations. According to the company, the platform will enable its customers to

  • Improve resilience by deploying intelligent digital twins for the end-to-end supply chain.
  • Continuously align planning and execution by delivering ground-truth and predictive intelligence to planning applications.
  • Foster collaboration and automation across the extended enterprise by sharing digital twins and automating workflows across the extended enterprise, including suppliers, partners, customers, and other entities.
  • Drive business innovation and growth by using the ParkourSC platform to easily adjust business models and deliver new products and services to customers.

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