Pelican BioThermal signs on new distributors


Pair of agreements expands packaging company's international network

Pelican BioThermal, a temperature-controlled packaging company, has announced additional distributor partnerships, growing the company’s global customer base in Europe and the Middle East. The latest commercial collaborations, which come after a recent air cargo alliance with Asiana Airlines, are with Finland-based Sharkmed Oy and Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, located in Turkey.

The two companies will provide customers access to Pelican BioThermal’s range of products.

Sharkmed Oy specializes in supplying essential equipment to emergency medical services, particularly Tactical Combat Casualty Care, alongside providing training in personal and fire safety. The Finnish business is also a distributor of cases provided by Pelican BioThermal’s corporate parent company, Pelican Products.

As for Corena Pharmaceutical Wholesaler, it currently supplies 86 countries on six continents, specializing in the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies across the globe.

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