Pharma Pulse 3/12/24: AI is Taking on New Work, The Need to Take Action with Diversity in Clinical Trials & more


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Diversity in Clinical Trials: The Need to Take Action

Gadi Saarony, CEO of Advarra examines the current state of diversity in clinical research. He discusses the need for industry to take more action in making trials more diverse, what regulatory bodies need to do to increase awareness, and how researchers can best reach diverse populations.

Biologic, Topical Therapies Both Effective in Treating AD in Skin of Color

Presented posters showed that moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD) in skin of color can be treated with either biologic or topical therapies.

AI Is Taking On New Work. But Change Will Be Hard—and Expensive.

Many executives are still figuring out how, and how fast, to go with generative AI.

FDA Seeks $7.2 Billion to Enhance Food Safety and Nutrition, Advance Medical Product Safety, and Strengthen Public Health

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it is requesting $7.2 billion as part of the President's fiscal year (FY) 2025 proposed budget. This funding will allow the agency to enhance food safety and nutrition, advance medical product safety, help support supply chain resiliency, strengthen the agency's public-health and mission-support capacity, and modernize the FDA's infrastructure and facilities.

Comment from Nassim Zaagoub on LinkedIn:

I read the article you shared about the drug coverage restrictions in Medicare Part D plans, and I share your concern about the impact these restrictions may have on beneficiaries' access to necessary medications. The study highlights the exclusion of certain drug compounds from plan coverage, leading to restrictions on patients' access to necessary therapies. The analysis reveals an increase in plan restrictiveness over time, with a significant percentage of compounds being excluded or subjected to prior authorization or step therapy requirements. This raises questions about whether these practices prioritize cost-effectiveness or benefit pharmacy benefit managers at the expense of patient care. The article calls for further research to understand the impact of these restrictions and their potential implications on medical expenditures.

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