Pharma service providers continue to invest in supply-chain optimization solutions

Pharmaceutical CommercePharmaceutical Commerce - March 2009

DDN goes with Axway’s Trade Activity Manager; repackager Apace Packaging chooses Supplyscape’s Nexus platform

Seeking to upgrade their tracking, reporting and trade-contract management processes, two pharma service providers have invested in new IT systems. For DDN (Memonenee Falls, WI), the Trade Activity Manager (TAM) of Axway (Scottsdale, AZ) will enable it to provide deeper visibility into supply chain proceses for its manufacturer clients, monitor inventory levels and perform forecasting. DDN provides logistics, contract management and commercial-support activities for dozens of manufacturers.

“Our clients depend on us to give them complete transparency into the movement of pharmaceuticals so they can make decisions about inventory levels and distribution agreements more quickly and accurately,” says Michael Bartholomew, VP, sales & marketing, at DDN.

Meanwhile, Apace Packaging LLC, a repackager based in Fountain Run, KY, chose the Nexus and e-pedigree platforms of SupplyScape (Woburn, MA) to provide pedigree compliance and to expdite communications between suppliers (who include generic and other pharma manufacturers) and retailers that are Apace customers. The news release announcing the project noted that one of these is “the world’s largest retailer” (read: Wal-Mart).

Manual pedigree generation

Apace says that it was forced to generate pedigree documentation manually for some supplies who were not forwarding the necessary information themselves—a painstaking, labor-intensive process. "With SupplyScape, we were able to have the system up-and-running in three weeks and we are future-proofing our supply-chain operations to be at the forefront of innovation and provide our customers services before they can log a request,” says Darren Shirley, president, Apace. Nexus, introduced by SupplyScape last year, provides streamlined connectivity tools that allow trading partners to exchange information, while organizing pedigree-related information to meet state reporting requirements.

Apace is a licensed distributor in the 48 contiguous states, and handles solid oral dose, liquid, pouch and powder unit-dose and blister packaging, including for controlled substances. The company has a 35,000 sq.ft. facility that is compliant with cGMP standards.

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