Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition is open for new membership


Absorption into HDA will add resources

Since 2006, the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition (PCSC) has been operated as an all-volunteer group of industry security and supply-chain consultants, led by Chuck Forsaith, a former Purdue Pharma executive and widely recognized industry consultant. Last fall, PCSC became a function of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance, and now the group has formalized member subscription fees and an operating structure.

PCSC started during a spate of truck and warehouse thefts of pharmaceuticals, most notably the multimillion-dollar burglary of an Eli Lilly warehouse in 2010. Forsaith, who had prior experience as a state police officer, runs an informal information link that alerts law enforcement offices of incidents, while providing useful networking information to cargo security managers. For the past few years he has run an annual meeting that attracts several hundred participants, usually held in the mid-Atlantic region.

Membership fees (which do not include membership in HDA) are on a sliding scale, depending on company size, between $1,000 and $3,000. Members will participate in the group's alert system and newsgathering process, network at an annual meeting, and maintain coordination with law-enforcement offices and industry interest groups, including the Transported Asset Protection Assn. The next PCSC meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid-May in New Jersey; PCSC will also have a table at the upcoming HDA Distribution Management Conference (March 4-7, Austin, TX).

More information is available at PCSC's website.

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