PharmaLogic Opens Radiopharmaceutical Production Plant in NYC


The CDMO’s latest business venture reaffirms its commitment to the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals.

Image Credit: PharmaLogic

Image Credit: PharmaLogic

PharmaLogic Holdings Corp., a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) and provider of radiopharmacy solutions, has unveiled its radiopharmaceutical production and research facility in the Bronx, NY.1 Purchased in 2022, the facility has been renovated with brand-new equipment, an indicator of the CDMO’s serious interest in long-term radiopharmaceutical investment.

"We’re proud to unveil this new, radiopharmaceutical manufacturing and development-focused facility,” said Steve Chilinski, CEO of PharmaLogic. "Our state-of-the-art facility represents a pivotal step forward in our commitment to enhancing patient care. The Bronx facility not only ensures a consistent supply of critical radiopharmaceuticals for the community but also provides a launchpad for promising new radio-ligand diagnostic and therapeutic drugs, ultimately bringing game-changing treatments to patients.”

With that drive in being a player in the market also comes an interest in boosting patient access any particular radiopharmaceuticals that may be needed, alongside future development of novel compounds.

“This strategic investment in our production and research capabilities reinforces our unwavering commitment to propelling the field of molecular imaging and theranostics forward, ultimately leading to significant advancements in patient care,” commented D. Scott Holbrook, PharmaLogic’s chief strategy officer and general manager. “By developing and delivering innovative radiopharmaceuticals, we strive to equip the medical community with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools.”

The company has been in the news quite a bit as of late, also unveiling a new radiopharmaceutical production facility in Cincinnati a few weeks prior.2

"With this new cyclotron facility, we’re excited to be partnering with healthcare providers in the region to bring advanced radiopharmaceuticals to the patient community that will be the foundation for game-changing diagnosis and treatment of cancers, and neurological and heart diseases,” remarked Chilinski.

Similar in various aspects to the NYC facility, the new production and laboratory space is set up for PharmaLogic to grow current production efforts, while prioritizing additional the research and development of novel compounds.

"After years of meticulous planning and construction, we're thrilled to unveil our advanced facility in Cincinnati," explained Holbrook. "The impact of this facility extends far beyond expanding access to innovative radiopharmaceuticals for the greater Cincinnati community. The cutting-edge laboratory will empower PharmaLogic to advance a robust pipeline of novel radiopharmaceutical candidates, ultimately benefiting patients nationwide."


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