PhRMA CEO, John Castellani, joins the advisory board of a new contract sales organization, Pharmacist Partners


Company is building a network of pharmacist consultants to help market to healthcare providers

A relatively new organization, Pharmacist Partners (New York) has won the participation of the CEO of PhRMA as an advisor. ““Improving patient health requires constructive and informed engagement among all stakeholders in the health care delivery chain, including pharmacists, prescribers and biopharmaceutical research companies,” said Castellani, in a statement issued by Pharmacist Partners.

The company is setting up a network of licensed pharmacists to provide what it calls a “clinical knowledge organization.” Contracted pharmacists will be able to meet with healthcare providers—physicians, pharmacists and others—to provide information on products and prescribing practices. “Today, most new products are in such niche areas as vaccines, oncology and biologicals. These new products cater to specific markets, and as a result, require clinicians to have a greater level of knowledge of their benefits and risks,” says the company literature.

Pharmacist Partners also has a strategic alliance with Dr. Andrea LaFountain, an authority on medication adherence, and president of Mind Field Solutions (Fairfax, VA). She has developed patented predictive analytics to determine how well new patients will adhere to drug regimens.

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