QPharma offers QLaunch advisory service

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Pharmaceutical Commerce, Pharmaceutical Commerce - January/February 2014,

QPharma (Morristown, NJ), which offers a variety of consulting services, mostly in the commercial operations realm, is expanding its reach with an advisory service for clinical products. Peter Shaw, chief medical officer, says that the service is especially attuned to small- to medium-sized biopharma companies that are trying to reach the commercialization phase in drug development.


Services include recruiting, training, and managing sales teams; engaging clinical key opinion leaders; ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations; establishing programs for the management and distribution of samples; and designing and launching appropriate marketing campaigns. Shaw adds that Qpharma has relationships with a number of specialized consulting organizations that can be brought into the process; among these is Qforma (Morris Plains, NJ; which, despite its name, is separate from QPharma). Qforma has a software package called ILaunch that is essentially a project-management tool for drug commercialization.