Rx Holdings Purchases Biocel Access Solutions

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Aims to increase presence in affordability market

Rx Holdings, the parent company of patient access brands InfinityRx and eScript360, has acquired Biocel Access Solutions, a consulting group that has served specialty, compounding, and home infusion pharmacies. It is currently led by Richard Ford, who is also the former vice president of market access for TrialCard.

Biocel—InfinityRx notes—is strategically positioned to defend against the diversion of manufacturer assistance payments and also mitigate the impact of these programs on Best Price reporting. Ford will play a role in guiding the InfinityRx IT development team in remaking the revenue model and delivering the technology to support it.

"As the President of Biocel, one of my primary industry concerns is addressing pharma's interest in 'copay accumulator' and 'copay maximizer' programs operated by health plans," says Ford. "These programs divert proceeds paid by manufacturers to assist patient cost-sharing expense from the intended use to a use that benefits health plan interests."


InfinityRx adds that there is also potential for the aforementioned programs to have a detrimental effect on industry drug revenue because of the impact these programs have on manufacturer Best Price reporting pursuant to the CMS Final Rule scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, 2023.