SAFE-BioPharma opens competition for 'Digi' digital-identity award


Nonprofit seeks to raise profile of the value of industry-wide identity-authentication standards

About 35 pharma manufacturers, distributors and organizations involved with healthcare delivery are now member of SAFE-BioPharma Assn., a Teaneck, NJ-based nonprofit set up to develop standards for digital-identity verification and trust. As more and more of industry activities move to cloud-based applications, the complexity of managing access, protecting against intrusions and ensuring data integrity multiplies; SAFE-BioPharma is meant to address these concerns. Its original focus among clinical investigators and researchers has now broadened to include aspects of pharmaceutical distribution and prescribing, including the DEA-managed controlled-substances ordering system (CSOS).

To highlight this growing need, SAFE-BioPharma has organized an awards competition, says Mollie Shields-Ueling, CEO of the association, open through January 15 for nominees. Categories include innovative implementations; regulatory advances; and innovative compliance initiatives. “Data exchange among pharma companies and the businesses and individuals they interact with remain a Tower of Babel, costing the industry time, money and effort,” she says.

More information is available at the SAFE-BioPharma website.

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