Savsu Technologies offers new CGT transport containers


Broader capabilities for refrigerated or cryogenic transport of cellular materials

Savsu Technologies has expanded its line of customized containers for cellular and genetic therapy (CGT) projects, which can range from research studies to handling patient materials in drug dispensing. The Evo ACS is a 2-8°C container “specifically designed for shipping apheresis collections of live cells intended for downstream manufacturing of autologous cell therapies,” according to the company; and the Evo DV7 is a dry (nitrogen) cryogenic container, positioned between the company’s DV4 and DV10 units to provide 7 days of what the company calls “thermal autonomy” (i.e., no recharging requirement for refrigerant).

“The ACS gives our cell and gene therapy customers an unprecedented degree of flexibility in designing systems for their fresh cells that reduce risk, increase intelligence, and can scale through commercialization,” says Bruce McCormick, President of Savsu. “With the current awareness of the impact variability of apheresis collections can have on final cell quality and therapeutic efficacy, we believe evo ACS will be very well received and preferred by the leading cell therapy developers.”

Pharma companies involved in CGT, as well as the health systems they partner with, are building up their performance and quality-control capabilities in this form of therapy, which usually requires cells or tissues to be extracted from a patient, conveyed to a facility for processing, and then returned to the patient for infusion. In Savsu’s case, the containers are offered with the company’s proprietary, cloud-based tracking and documentation system,

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